10 (More) Customer Relationship Management Questions to Ask Yourself

Customer service may not be in every business plan, but it should be. Whether you’re putting up a new business or are entering a new phase of your business like franchising, expansion or specialization, assessing your customer relationship or procedure is essential.

The way customers feel is the second most important take-away of every transaction. Because after appreciating the value of your product or service, you want them to return. How you get them to return will depend on letting them know you appreciate their business as much as they do yours.

Ask yourselves these questions, and you will be able to see the forest through the trees.

  1. When was the last time I reviewed our customer service routine? How do I ask the customers what they think of our brand and service? 
  2. Aside from my own, which is my favorite store, product, or service? Has customer service become expected of my brand?
  3. When was the last time I got pleasantly surprised by a friend, brand, or service? Which famous techniques can I adopt in my marketing strategy?
  4. Do I know the benefits and attributes of all my products? Should I expect all my employees to know?
  5. What incentives do my customers have to want to be part of my mailing list?
  6. What is unique with the way we treat our customers BEFORE the sale? How can I make our customer experience unforgettable? 
  7. How can we drive our brand message through DURING the sale?
  8. Who is in charge of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) AFTER the sale?
  9. What are the Key Performance Indicators that I can demand from our customer service staff?
  10. Are my customers more visual and do they like to browse new products? Or do they like to interact and share as a community? What are the benefits of having a CRM program in place? 
  11. Which local cause or community organization are my market most concerned with?

As always, surprise the client or customer. Exceed expectations. Do eleven when you promised ten.

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