Customer Service Survey: 5 Ways to Know that your Customer Service Needs Help

I’m sure there are some who, when faced with the question of “should you get Customer Experience Measurement (CEM)”, keep thinking that “my customer service doesn’t need help” or something similar. While I believe that Customer Service should be consistently monitored and improved regardless of how good it may be, I wanted to write this article for you to be able to make a quick assessment of the state of your customer service. Is it in the red? Is it affecting the business negatively? Here’s a quick survey to check on how you’re doing.

Customer Service Needing Help

  1. When you Google your brand’s name, negative posts and/or reactions about you are also in the 1st page of the search results

    • This is bad because not only does this mean that the negative posts about your brand are getting noticed a lot, it also means that when potential new customers look for you online, they’ll see all these posts and may reconsider doing business with you.

  2. There’s a parody or a website that depicts your lousy service

    • This is worse than having someone dislike your service. Having a parody or a website that describes and/or makes fun of your businesses entails that someone felt such strong feelings of hate towards your brand that he went through the trouble of doing this. This also makes the possibility of these sentiments to go viral very real, thus reaching hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people.

  3. You trust no one else but yourself to handle calls from important clients

    • You may be questioning why this is a negative sign. Having this attitude most likely points to the fact that you don’t trust other people because you don’t think they have the capability to handle it themselves a.k.a. they don’t have much customer servicing training. If this is true, reflect on the reason. If your reason is even remotely close to what I just mentioned, then it’s a sign you need to start training your people because they probably aren’t even delivering satisfactory customer service to your other customers.

  4. More than 5% of your staff are absent every day (unplanned absences on average)

    • If people keep on being absent, it just means they don’t want to be at work which could also mean that they DREAD going to work. If this is the mindset that your people have, what makes you think they’ll even be able to deliver good customer service? They most likely are just doing enough to keep their jobs.  Remember, “Just enough” is NOT ENOUGH for customer servicing.

  5. Your metrics do not take into consideration employee satisfaction

    • You need to be able to have happy employees to be able to provide good customer service. If you are not taking into account how your employees feel, chances are, they are just providing mediocre or below standard customer service.

Customer Service Survey Wrap-Up

If you matched any of the points above, then you might need to look at your Customer Service closer. Remember, however, that these are just signs to look out for that may point to a substandard Customer Experience. For a more accurate read and for a plan on how to fix things we recommend assessing your Customer Service for better business results.

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