Service Star: Quirks Marketing Philippines

I’m a big sucker for sales: end of season, warehouse, outlets… You name it, and if I can, I’m there. Imagine my delight when I found out through a blog that DwellStudio would be included in Quirks Marketing Philippines’ warehouse sale. I just knew I had to go. (I’m in love with DwellStudio’s prints! I vow that my next child will have a DwellStudio nursery LOL! For the short term, I was lemming for a Madison diaper bag. I’ve wanted it ever since. But I digress…)

So one nice morning in November last year, I dragged hubby and baby to Greenhills for the warehouse sale. I remember being attended to by a very friendly and helpful Oliver (He wanted to open the crib sets, even when I said I wasn’t buying, just because I wanted to see the full design). All the other staff were equally warm. For some reason, however, I held off on the Madison bag. I ended up with a few puzzle and stamp sets as kiddie gifts for Christmas.

Since that day, I would pass by the Dwell area whenever we were in Rustan’s, contemplating whether I should finally get the bag (at regular price, grrrr). And then a few weeks later, I got a notification that Dwell would be on sale again, this time on an online shopping site! It’s destiny!

Still, I didn’t jump right in (was making sure I wasn’t just impulse buying LOL). On December 16, at 9:30 pm, I finally decided to make the bag mine (Isn’t my purchase thought process exhausting?). Lo and behold, when I clicked on the design I wanted, it was out of stock! I started clicking on the other designs, figuring I would make do with whatever was available. No such luck, it wasn’t destiny after all. And then I thought, this wasn’t right, there wasn’t even 1 left, in any design, for me?? LOL.

I decided to send Quirks Marketing an email, inquiring if the bags were indeed out of stock. Here’s their reply, mere minutes later

Super fast! And it was almost 10PM on a Friday night!

We exchanged a couple more emails after this, and it ended when they said that they would get back to me on Monday.

I woke up the next day with a surprise text from Quirks

8:02 in the morning, on a Saturday! Really, really appreciated the effort. We texted some more

So 12 hours and a few texts after I made my inquiry, I was finally able to order. Got my stuff 3 working days later 🙂

Thank you to the Quirks team for the speedy and efficient service! You definitely made my simple transaction a very memorable one 🙂

Full Disclosure: Nothing to disclose. We are not in any way connected with Quirks Marketing Philippines. Quirks Marketing Philippines is the exclusive distributor of DwellStudio in the Philippines.





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