5 Survey Questions that Make Your Customer Service Survey Speak Volumes

A customer service survey can be as indicative of your brand personality as a business card or storefront design.

Specificity is essential in composing surveys like a pro. I think it’s also essential to be specific in the tone and mood of your survey. 

To test the messaging of your brand, and to see whether your branding is coming through in form and function, start with the broad questions that cover the brand attitude, and move towards particulars like helpfulness, accessibility, and whether they would recommend your brand to their friends or associates.

Keep your tone causal if you are a fun and playful brand. Keep the questions formal if you are projecting luxury or maturity.


1.  When describing the Acme Brand, you would use the words: a) fun, b) active, c) conservative, d) cutting-edge, e) risque

Ease of Use

2.  From the moment you decided to hire National Services Inc., how easy was it to choose and and contract our workers?

Staff Helpfulness

3.  Please rate the helpfulness of the Smiley Staff from 1 Happy Face to 5 Happy Faces.


4.  Please rate our product quality compared to our competitors: 1) not as good, 2) worse, 3) the same, 4) better, 5) much better


5.  How likely are you to recommend us to a good friend or family member? 1) never, 2) not likely, 3) neither likely nor unlikely, 4) likely, 5) very likely

Regardless of your chosen style in conducting your own customer survey, be sure to cover the important topics, and do so in a clear manner. When in doubt, never sacrifice understandability. The aim of a survey is to discover gaps in your service procedure as well as finding strengths and weaknesses in your business model.

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