True Highs: Customer Delight from Hotels

We don’t believe in guest service. We believe in guest DELIGHT.

Everybody in your hotel can deliver surprise and pleasure that will make guests return and bring their friends. Everybody, from the very top management to the dishwasher, is a powerful stakeholder in delivering on this promise.bigstock-First-Class-service-23619602

There are so many ways to deliver guest delight. One of them is being consistent. Being consistent makes average service above average. It is the holy grail of business.

Internally, it means that standards and correct behavior is passed on and communicated effectively. It means industry best practices are sharpened and implemented. Consistent service means the brand promise is well-communicated and well-executed. It means your managers and employees do well in passing the spirit of service on to the new hires. Consistency means building a good reputation, meeting and cementing customer expectations.

How else can you achieve guest delight? I’d be interested to hear your success stories.

Michelle mentioned in a previous post on customer management, that your energy is needed to reach out to your guest, anticipating their requests. Be energetic in greeting your guests, and innovate in how to tell your hotel’s story to new guests. Why is this crucial to guest delight and hotel management ? Innovative service practices gets your front line away from working in an average, routine hotel. If you want your guests to be pleasantly surprised, employees must be wanting to surprise them. And to learn how to do that, shouldn’t management find ways to surprise its employees as well? Commending great performance and behavior during shift meetings or work evaluations brings that energy throughout your business, and can even make a positive impact in its surrounding community.

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