Give your customers an experience they can trust

Measure your Trust Experience with the RetailFIND™ Solution. You can now monitor the needs and expectations of your real customers, act on them and improve sales.

Get authentic feedback on your service and safety implementation

Identify opportunities to increase sales

Get an action plan for your store manager and frontliners

Receive on-demand skills training videos for your employees

Why RetailFIND™

Accelerate your business recovery through

Frontliner Performance

Increase customer order value while delivering consistent safety measures

In-store Leadership

Increase average branch sales and employee engagement

What you receive with every RetailFIND™

  • Insightful feedback on your store’s Trust Experience delivery, shared by real customers called SatisFINDERS, who would like to help you stay in business.
  • A SatisACTION Plan per branch designed to empower your team to consistently provide the best service, safety and brand experience for your customers.
  • Continuous training for your employees on customer service, sales and leadership through SatisFIND’s microlearning videos. They get to learn, practice and apply the skills recommended in the SatisACTION Plan.

RetailFIND™ is your end-to-end business recovery solution to help you stay in business now and beyond.

SatisFIND It to Serve Again

A FIND is a detailed Trust Experience survey from your real customer, where SatisFIND transforms insights into store-level SatisACTION Plans that come with online training for your managers and frontliners to improve business performance.