What Everyone Needs to Know about the Importance of Customer Service Management

Customer Satisfaction and QualityWe’ve been talking about CEM (Customer Experience Measurement), and various ways to improve customer service but do you know exactly WHY there is a need for Customer Service Management? Why is it so important to make sure that your brand’s customer service is great? This article is aimed to help you understand exactly how the quality of your customer service affects your brand, business, and revenue.

The Fulfilment of a Promise

For people who have heard of you and have come to look at what you have to offer for the first time, customer service is one of the final things that can close the sale or deal. These people came to you because they believed or, at least, curious with what your brand has promised (i.e. a promise of product quality or value). While sometimes, this is enough for them to do business with you, there is a big chance they will be in a “wait and see” mode and check what you have to offer.

This is the point where we need to prove that we are good with our promise and reflect it in how we service customers. Always remember that customers will always have a good alternative to doing business with you as long as you have competitors.  Hence, this is the time to shine and impress the customer. They’ve already taken the trouble to come and check you out so it’s now on you to ensure that they complete the journey and close the sale or deal. The quality of your customer service is one of the most crucial factors that come to play at his stage.

First Impressions Last AND Spread

When a customer interacts with your brand, you have to look past the perception that this is JUST one customer. Keep in mind that every person has his/her network that they have influence on. These are your POTENTIAL customers but to access them, you need to be able to leave a positive first impression to the ones that come by. If you impress them enough on their first encounter with your brand, not only will that encourage repeat business from them, but they will also become your advocates in spreading  positive stories to their networks. This becomes your word-of-mouth marketing which will generate you more leads and more business. Especially with the various social networking sites around, an excellent experience will spread fast. Of course, note that the opposite is also true. A bad customer experience will lead people to tell their networks to avoid you and will burn up leads that you should be getting.

Customer Service is a Big Factor for Loyalty

Competition in business is always very stiff. Someone is always out to make a better product that you have, provide a better service than you do, or give more affordable prices than you do. This tells you that if you were to rely on your product or service alone, you risk the customers going to another brand as soon as something better or a cheaper alternative comes up. There is a need for customers to develop a sense of loyalty to you and this is done through excellent customer service. The trick is to provide customers with something that they won’t find just anywhere – a relationship. Make them feel valued and taken care of, and your customers will start to develop a preference for your brand that competitors will have difficulty penetrating.

Customer Service Management Shows You Care

This is the bottom-line of it all. In a world filled with homogenous products and services, customer service provides that one very human aspect that disappears during business – CARE. Show your market that you care for them and be genuine in your intentions because that leads to a relationship with your customers. These relationships will prove to be invaluable when the time comes that competition tries to get your business.

Customer service is a big difference-maker. Make sure that you are managing yours properly to make the most out of the opportunities that come your way.

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