Service Star: Yabu – House of Katsu, SM Megamall

We are quite inspired with the stories shared by our Customer Experience Advocates. One of our CEAs from the Philippines shared her happy experience with Yabu at SM Megamall in Manila:


My Story:

My sister and I tried Yabu restaurant at SM Megamall. The restaurant was earning rave reviews for quite sometime now because of their Katsu dishes so we decided to try it and we were more than happy we did. More than the food, their customer service was really exceptional. From the table reservation, taking of orders and serving our food, we were really well attended to by the staff. The waiter was very knowledgeable of the menu and their specialties. He even gladly assisted us on how to properly mix the sauces ready on the table. While enjoying our meal, the restaurant manager even approached us and asked if we needed anything. Given that the restaurant was so full at that time, we were satisfied the staff were very attentive to the needs of their customers.” – Gladys, Philippines

We have to agree with Gladys, customer service at Yabu SM Megamall is outstanding! There aren’t many places around town which offer the total experience, Great Service + Quality Products + Value for money = A Very Happy Customer

We just love the restaurant manager at this branch. He’s the very friendly and attentive gentleman shown in the photo above (beige shirt with tie). His presence could really be felt when he’s at the dining area interacting with customers. 5-stars for his service attitude!

Yabu has grown to several branches now, which didn’t surprise us given that they’ve got it all figured out when it comes to making customers happy. Although we miss seeing Mr. Friendly Restaurant Manager at Yabu SM Megamall lately, we hope he’s supervising the newer Yabu branches so the level of quality, which made their first branch a big success would be consistent with all the other branches they eventually opened.

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What’s your Story?

We would love to hear about your customer experiences. If you have great (and not so great!) stories you would like to share with SatisFIND, you may email them at

P.S. If anyone could please identify and send us the name of Yabu’s Service Star Restaurant Manager, we would really appreciate it :)


Out of the (Suggestion) Box: 3 Fun Ways of Getting Customer Feedback

Asking for customer feedback is never easy, especially in person. The potential for being “put on the spot” is heavy on both parties, and is generally avoided. But thanks to the internet, it’s a lot easier to give unsolicited feedback. Online accounts for people and for businesses work on so many levels, as consumer protection and free marketing. But as it has opened the valves on people’s opinion, it released a torrent of opinion.

Starting with anonymous accounts, to the various Like/Dislike, +1, ReTweets, and Favorites, customer feedback is getting more and more important to host and to guest. Companies like TripAdvisor rely mainly on guest recommendations and warnings to hostels and hotels alike. A business owner should only Google their own business name to find out what are being said about them.

A common practice some years ago was to type in “I hate (company name)” to see if that web page was constructed. But it seems to have died out in the advent of social networking sites. It seems people prefer to let their friends hear their gripes, rather than to no one in particular.



Kaizad Patel interviewed by



Kaizad Patel’s interview was featured on The Rodinhoods blog today.

Customer service is something that drives me in my company, and interviewing Kaizad Patel was thus an honor. He runs SatisFIND, which uses qualitative and quantitative methods to understand how your customer experiences your brand and its offering. Kaizad was one of the first to venture into Mystery Shopping in India, back in 2001.

Do tell us about your school & college years, and key lessons learnt. 

To read the full interview



Thank you to Sushrut Munje & The Rodinhoods for featuring Kaizad Patel and SatisFIND




Service Star: Jawbone Customer Care

I’m a lover of information and data, so it did not take me long to get convinced to jump on the bandwagon and get myself one of these lifestyle tracking devices. After careful research and reading about experiences with the different companies’ after-sales support, I decided on the Jawbone UP24. Since this is not yet available in the Philippines, I bought my band from the Changi Airport Duty Free Shop last July 5th. I immediately used the band while I was still at the airport as I was excited to track my sleep patterns (and also how many steps I made!).

photo 2

On the 3rd day (July 7th), I had problems syncing it with the app I downloaded on my phone. I contacted customer care through the app later that evening. I received an email reply on the morning of July 9th, requesting for information and giving me instructions on how to troubleshoot. I tried them and still, I could not get it to work properly. I may have pressed the button too many times that in the end, the band was no longer responding.

From July 9to 10, I was communicating by email with their Customer Care. Responses were prompt and had helpful information each time. On July 11th, they asked for a photo of the receipt and informed me that they will work out a warranty exchange. By the 12th, I received an email from Jawbone updating me that my new band has been shipped using FedEx and I can track it online. Amazing! Only after 4 emails from them and my replacement band was shipped! It was a pain-free experience, thanks to their commitment to customer care.

I received the FedEx shipment a week later, with some delays at the Manila hub as expected. And on July 18th, I received a request from Jawbone to fill-up a Customer Experience Survey, which I happily filled out.

photo 1


Since I’m a customer service nerd, I want to further analyze what made me very happy with the whole experience, so let me share what we can learn from Jawbone’s Customer Care:

  • TWO-CLICK CONVENIENCE: The UP app on my phone is able to send an email to the Jawbone Customer Care with just one click. Then it goes to my mail, where an email is already prepared for me and contains my band’s serial number. All I had to do was click SEND.

UP app

Jawbone Help

  •  REPLIES FROM A REAL PERSON, NOT A MACHINE: None of the usual auto-replies we’re used to, or computer-generated replies from this company.  Real people named Adam and Eric, wrote me back and I felt the sincerity with every word
  • SOLUTIONS ARE OFFERED: Adam gave a YouTube link in his first email for a video that shows how to reset the band, as well as the link to update my band’s firmware. He also said that I could call their 1-800 number if I would like a walk-through.  His second email to me had more step-by-step instructions which were easy to follow even for a non-techie person like me!


  • ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS: Adam asked 6 relevant questions which gave me, the customer, the assurance and impression that they really want to help me solve my problem. And I think many tech-support providers can learn from them. Without mentioning the replacement warranty yet, the fact that they asked for my shipping address is being PROACTIVE on their part, which makes the customer think that shipping a replacement will be an option if the problem does not get solved.
  • COMMITMENT TO THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Eric in his last email to me said all the right words. As a customer, I really felt that they don’t want to let me down and not have the Jawbone UP experience they intended it to be.  The passion for their product was felt even if it’s just an email.


If only there are more companies like Jawbone who take after-sales support seriously, then the world will be a happier place with a lot less angry people. In the end, it really is commitment to the brand and what the brand promises to deliver in terms of customer experience that fuels a company’s customer care performance. When it comes to choosing brands, choose those with a good track record for after-sales service, only then will the message become loud and clear that customers deserve more from the service we’re currently getting.



Happy Independence Day

17-india-independence-day-wallpaper.previewWishing all our Clients, Customer Experience Advocates, Partners and Friends in India, a Happy Independence Day.

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