Handle Customer Feedback Like an Absolute Pro

Getting customer feedback puts us on the spot. We’re in crosshairs of other people’s expectations. When we receive customer feedback, we’re forced to multitask; we have to acknowledge and assess the complaint; pinpoint the problem; and if possible, troubleshoot the customer’s situation; and if it can’t be solved with troubleshooting, appease the dissatisfied customer to ensure his/her return with the promise that the next experience will match the customer’s now verbalized expectations.

The feedback may be directed at you; it may be about a front-liner; it may be in the form of an email about your ad campaign; and it could be something less in your control like your supplier’s behavior or hygiene.

Handling feedback is a complex job that can be over in a matter of minutes, the speed of which can trigger a fight/flight/freeze response. In this case, we are pressured to act in self-defense, or acting to “take care of it” without thinking. Or it could cause us to “freeze,” and stand speechless, unable to do anything, annoying an irate customer further.

The unfortunate fact is we have been trained to see customer reviews as negative criticism. But this is a point of view that should be corrected, if you wish to handle customer feedback with the best in the business. (more…)


5 Secret Ways to Check for Customer Satisfaction

One of the more culturally challenging business processes is checking for customer satisfaction. It is all too easy to look for answers that we want, and ignore the undesired ones.  Furthermore, if you haven’t set a customer service standard within the entire company, it will be difficult to assess customer satisfaction.

Imagine everyone in your company asserting they’re doing a great job in terms of customer service, yet have different standards for “best practice” and what “customer satisfaction” means. You could even find inconsistencies in monthly reports, and have trouble in getting repeat business.

Sound familiar? Keep reading. Here’s how you can effectively check for customer satisfaction. (more…)


4 Undeniable Gains from Great Customer Relationship Management

Customer Experience Management clarifies your customers’ expectations, making the role of customer relationship management clear.  The effects of great CRM touches all aspects of the business, from the product itself down to the user experience and everything in between. Let’s get down to the benefits of great customer relationship management.



How to Make the Customer Experience in Your Business Unforgettable

‘Unforgettable’ is such an arbitrary word. Good or bad experiences can be ‘unforgettable.’ They can be glib or profound. They can lead to recommendations (free advertising and more business), or they can be warnings that can kill your brand.

However, in the realm of customer experience, it is easier to work ‘unforgettable’ into their vocabulary, and there’s simply one word you should always remember: surprise.

Surprise cuts through the routine and brings fun to an otherwise boring day. It can make disappointment forgettable. It allows you to create, strengthen, and reward loyalty. Best of all, it gets you talked about.



Customer Satisfaction Insights: 3 Things you Need to Understand about your Customers

Customer Satisfaction InsightsBefore you can even make your customers happy, you need to understand their psyche. It is through this that you can actually find the ways on how to best serve them which will lead to you being able to give the most memorable experience you can to your customers. So what are the three things that your market is usually thinking? Read on below and find out. (more…)