Happy Independence Day

17-india-independence-day-wallpaper.previewWishing all our Clients, Customer Experience Advocates, Partners and Friends in India, a Happy Independence Day.

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Singapore National Day

Wishing all our Clients, Customer Experience Advocates, Partners and Friends in Singapore, a Happy National Day. 

Singapore city


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3 Examples of Customer Experience Gone Right

Do you remember when customer service became exciting? It used to be that Customer Service counters were reception areas for complaints. Thanks to innovations like ‘Service with a Smile,’ ‘We Deliver,’ and ‘Delivery in 15 minutes,’ the customer experience is reaching deep into what we really want, before we find out we want it. 



5 Simple Ideas for Delivering World-Class Customer Service Training

Customer service used to be a hotline for complaints. It used to be a reception desk for special requests, and the occasional raffle or the lost child at the mall.

But as we all now know, customer service has evolved. Avis is most remembered for its 1962 campaign, “We Try Harder” (which, by the way, has just been retired! After 50 years!). Yes, this was an advertising line. But what they did was to put the customer in the middle of their marketing efforts to show how strongly they wanted you to go with them instead of the #1 rental company. Does anyone even remember who their bigger competitor was?



The Best Examples of Customer Service Management

To date, there are many brands that have made their names known for excellent customer service management. In doing so, these brands have been able to get amazing word-of-mouth marketing and have increased their business. At times, they have turned a bad situation around and made it a statement on the quality of service and care that they show to their customers. Today, I want to take this opportunity to give you some examples of exemplary Customer Service Management. (more…)