Why The Best Customer Service is Now Expected of Your Business

Retailers like hip supermarket Trader Joe’s and tech warehouse Best Buy have to represent a wide array of products and items on their shelves. As a result, they can’t be expected to stand by each product they offer, either figuratively or literally.

So to be true to their “best customer service” promise, these stores have done what few stores are willing to do: encourage honesty amongst the staff and induce them to speak freely about items and experiences in the store, confidently citing internet reviews and even sharing in-store feedback from customers.



Out of the (Suggestion) Box: 3 Fun Ways of Getting Customer Feedback

Asking for customer feedback is never easy, especially in person. The potential for being “put on the spot” is heavy on both parties, and is generally avoided. But thanks to the internet, it’s a lot easier to give unsolicited feedback. Online accounts for people and for businesses work on so many levels, as consumer protection and free marketing. But as it has opened the valves on people’s opinion, it released a torrent of opinion.

Starting with anonymous accounts, to the various Like/Dislike, +1, ReTweets, and Favorites, customer feedback is getting more and more important to host and to guest. Companies like TripAdvisor rely mainly on guest recommendations and warnings to hostels and hotels alike. A business owner should only Google their own business name to find out what are being said about them.

A common practice some years ago was to type in “I hate (company name)” to see if that web page was constructed. But it seems to have died out in the advent of social networking sites. It seems people prefer to let their friends hear their gripes, rather than to no one in particular.



5 Simple Ideas for Delivering World-Class Customer Service Training

Customer service used to be a hotline for complaints. It used to be a reception desk for special requests, and the occasional raffle or the lost child at the mall.

But as we all now know, customer service has evolved. Avis is most remembered for its 1962 campaign, “We Try Harder” (which, by the way, has just been retired! After 50 years!). Yes, this was an advertising line. But what they did was to put the customer in the middle of their marketing efforts to show how strongly they wanted you to go with them instead of the #1 rental company. Does anyone even remember who their bigger competitor was?



True Highs: Customer Delight from Hotels

We don’t believe in guest service. We believe in guest DELIGHT.

Everybody in your hotel can deliver surprise and pleasure that will make guests return and bring their friends. Everybody, from the very top management to the dishwasher, is a powerful stakeholder in delivering on this promise.bigstock-First-Class-service-23619602



3 Examples of Customer Experience Gone Right

Do you remember when customer service became exciting? It used to be that Customer Service counters were reception areas for complaints. Thanks to innovations like ‘Service with a Smile,’ ‘We Deliver,’ and ‘Delivery in 15 minutes,’ the customer experience is reaching deep into what we really want, before we find out we want it.