Happy Chinese New Year 2015!

May the Year of the Goat be prosperous for all! To our Filipino-Chinese Customer Experience Advocates and Clients we greet you “Kiong Hee Huat Tsai!” and “Gong Xi Fa Cai!” to our Singaporean Customer Experience Advocates!



Happy Chinese New Year – 2015!

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Important Criteria in Hiring Front-liners

Hiring someone for a customer service role can be challenging. More than their academic background and work experience, what we really need to evaluate is if the personality of the candidate matches the values of the brand she or he will represent. There are people who are innately strong in interpersonal intelligence, and this should be one of the criteria hiring managers should consider. What management tend to overlook is that front-liners are the brand’s ambassadors.

If we keep this in mind the next time we hire a new sales staff, a bank teller, or a customer service officer, we will spend less time training them on customer service 101, instead, we can focus on how their natural passion to engage and relate with people can help your business grow.



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Happy Republic Day

Wishing all our Clients, Customer Experience Advocates, Partners and Friends in India a Happy Republic Day.


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Service Star: Singapore Airlines

We planned to celebrate the holidays with our family in India last December and we nearly missed our flight.

We booked our Manila-Mumbai flight via Singapore with Singapore Airlines for December 20th. We chose the 7:00pm flight, as we still had to work earlier that day.

I’ve always thought of myself as a smart traveller, and my husband, Kaiz, an even smarter one. After doing a final check on our baggage weight, we left our home at 4:00PM to go to Terminal 3 which is 15 kilometers away. With the usual traffic, it would take about an hour to reach the airport. We had already checked-in online the day before, so we knew that there was enough time to reach the airport and relax before the flight.

What we did not anticipate was the terrible traffic that evening brought by vehicles rushing to fetch passengers from the Arrival terminal (we were not so smart after all!). They clogged the road intended for the Departure Terminal at the airport.

Our car was stuck at the Villamor Airbase area for more than one hour. We were already in a panic and called the Singapore Airlines office stationed at the airport at 5:50pm. We explained our unfortunate situation and asked if they could possibly wait for us to check-in. The kind staff gave us until 6:20pm to check-in. By 6:20pm, we were still at the Resorts World area, it’s opposite the airport but we still need to reach the roundabout and make a turn. We, again, called Singapore Airlines to ask what our options are. The next flight would be the following morning and we will surely miss our connecting flight to Mumbai. Kaiz asked the staff if it would still be possible for the check-in counter to wait for us. The friendly Singapore Airlines staff said that she advised the check-in counter to wait for us and to just reach the airport as soon as we can.

We finally reached the airport at 6:40PM, I left Kaiz at the X-ray machine to run to the check-in counter. I then saw him running with 2 airport staff helping him with our baggage! We were finally at the Singapore Airlines check-in counter by 6:45pm – just 15 minutes before our supposed flight departure!

They did keep the counter open just for us. The kind Singapore Airlines security staff even requested the Travel Tax counter officer to accommodate us (the lines there were very long).

Even as we lined up at the Immigration counters, we were assisted by Singapore Airlines ground staff, so that we could reach our gate immediately.

By the time we reached the gate, the security officer stationed there reassured us that we can now relax, BREATHE, as we did not miss our flight. The flight was delayed by 15 minutes!

I’am familiar with airline policies about check-in times, especially if you have baggage to check-in (we had 4 baggage for check-in!). We believe that our experience with Singapore Airlines that evening was truly a Christmas (Customer Service) Miracle! We flew Economy class and were not at all expecting any special treatment, yet the airline staff we spoke to and met that evening had shown us kindness and care.



I’ve always admired Singapore Airlines for its customer service because they have a system that “just works!”. Prior to this experience, I never had anything extraordinary to say because all my flights with them have been smooth and problem-free. In customer service, it’s all about consistency, and this is one company that delivers consistent customer service.

Now, I have my own little story to share why Singapore Airlines is indeed, a Great Way to Fly!

Thank you, Singapore Airlines! I will never forget the extraordinary accommodation you have given us.


Happy New Year -2015

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!



We thank all our Customer Experience Advocates, Clients and Partners for a great year. 

Looking forward to an even better 2015!


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