Important Criteria in Hiring Front-liners

Hiring someone for a customer service role can be challenging. More than their academic background and work experience, what we really need to evaluate is if the personality of the candidate matches the values of the brand she or he will represent. There are people who are innately strong in interpersonal intelligence, and this should be one of the criteria hiring managers should consider. What management tend to overlook is that front-liners are the brand’s ambassadors.

If we keep this in mind the next time we hire a new sales staff, a bank teller, or a customer service officer, we will spend less time training them on customer service 101, instead, we can focus on how their natural passion to engage and relate with people can help your business grow.



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Lessons on Customer Service: Standards Your Business Must Have

I am always asked by former colleagues and friends of mine what Kaiz and I do in Customer Experience Measurement or CEM. Mainly, they think that it has only to do with mystery shopping. But this blog post really sums it up. It’s setting the standard for your business. customer standard (more…)


Happy Independence Day 2019

Wishing all our Clients, Mystery Shoppers, Partners and Friends in India, a Happy Independence Day.



Singapore National Day – 2019

Wishing all our Clients, Mystery Shoppers, Partners and Friends in Singapore, a Happy Singapore National Day.



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Philippines: Unlock the Power of Mystery Shopping

After the successful seminar in January 2019 as part of the Philippine Retailers Association (PRA) Excellence (Retail EXL) series, PRA and SatisFIND present the 1st Retail Industry Mystery Shopping Program in the Philippines.  This program is only open to members of PRA.

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