Lessons on Customer Service: Standards Your Business Must Have

I am always asked by former colleagues and friends of mine what Kaiz and I do in Customer Experience Measurement or CEM. Mainly, they think that it has only to do with mystery shopping. But this blog post really sums it up. It’s setting the standard for your business. customer standard (more…)


5 Survey Questions that Make Your Customer Service Survey Speak Volumes

A customer service survey can be as indicative of your brand personality as a business card or storefront design.

Specificity is essential in composing surveys like a pro. I think it’s also essential to be specific in the tone and mood of your survey.  (more…)


30 Inspiring Customer Service Quotes

I would like to share some inspiring words related to customer service. Do check out these 30 Inspiring Customer Service Quotes and 4 Key Tenets to Live By, shared by Salesforce Canada.

It is hard to choose which one is the most inspirational, but this particular quote from Sir Richard Branson is something I live by, “I have always believed that the way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers, and that people flourish when they are praised.”  Do let me know which of these quotes calls out to you!

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A Savvy Guide for Businesses to Save a Bundle on Online Marketing

Via Salesforce


Why The Best Customer Service is Now Expected of Your Business

Retailers like hip supermarket Trader Joe’s and tech warehouse Best Buy have to represent a wide array of products and items on their shelves. As a result, they can’t be expected to stand by each product they offer, either figuratively or literally.

So to be true to their “best customer service” promise, these stores have done what few stores are willing to do: encourage honesty amongst the staff and induce them to speak freely about items and experiences in the store, confidently citing internet reviews and even sharing in-store feedback from customers.



SatisFIND’s Michelle Patel on Bloomberg PH’s First Up

Michelle Patel, Founder of SatisFIND, was interviewed on Bloomberg PH’s Talk and Tech about the SatisFIND business model and how Mystery Shopping is a valuable tool to help companies improve their customer service.

For those who did not get to catch it live, check it out below.