5 Simple Ideas for Delivering World-Class Customer Service Training

Customer service used to be a hotline for complaints. It used to be a reception desk for special requests, and the occasional raffle or the lost child at the mall.

But as we all now know, customer service has evolved. Avis is most remembered for its 1962 campaign, “We Try Harder” (which, by the way, has just been retired! After 50 years!). Yes, this was an advertising line. But what they did was to put the customer in the middle of their marketing efforts to show how strongly they wanted you to go with them instead of the #1 rental company. Does anyone even remember who their bigger competitor was?



The Best Examples of Customer Service Management

To date, there are many brands that have made their names known for excellent customer service management. In doing so, these brands have been able to get amazing word-of-mouth marketing and have increased their business. At times, they have turned a bad situation around and made it a statement on the quality of service and care that they show to their customers. Today, I want to take this opportunity to give you some examples of exemplary Customer Service Management. (more…)


Philippine Independence Day!

To all our Filipino CEAs, Clients and Partners at SatisFIND, we wish you a Happy Independence Day! 


10 (More) Customer Relationship Management Questions to Ask Yourself

Customer service may not be in every business plan, but it should be. Whether you’re putting up a new business or are entering a new phase of your business like franchising, expansion or specialization, assessing your customer relationship or procedure is essential.

The way customers feel is the second most important take-away of every transaction. Because after appreciating the value of your product or service, you want them to return. How you get them to return will depend on letting them know you appreciate their business as much as they do yours.



Excellent Service Recovery: Cafe Amici

A good story on Service Recovery shared by SatisFIND’s Operations Manager, Sarene, on her experience at Cafe Amici:

“I recently ate in Cafe Amici in Ayala Triangle. While enjoying their spinach ravioli, I unknowingly bit into a piece of plastic, which at first I thought was glass. So I quickly called a server and asked for the manager. When the manager came up I just opened up my palm and showed her the shards of broken plastic. She was quick to apologize and even assured me that she would write a report about it. She took out our plate immediately.

Things they did right:

1. A few seconds later, a server came up to us with the menu and asked if we could order something else because they were wary of the entire batch of ravioli being contaminated. (At the same time I saw the manager in the kitchen talking to the kitchen staff)

2. The manager asked for my name and contact details (not sure yet why, but I appreciate that they did that).

3. They gave me the chocolate cake in the photo.

Cafe Amici

From my experience and also because of my job, I realize that we are so quick to criticize and complain about customer service, especially in this age of social networking, but it is very rare that we take time out and praise a job well done. So this post is a shout out to the manager of Cafe Amici, Bianca, and her staff. They were pleasant, professional and quick-thinking. The kitchen staff even threw me back a thumbs up when I looked into the open kitchen. Yes, I did have an inconvenient experience because our ravioli was compromised, but because of the quick action taken, I did not leave that restaurant with a bad taste in my mouth, literally and figuratively. I hope Bianca’s efforts are rewarded because from the looks of it, she’s a really good manager!”

What’s your Story? We would love to hear about your customer experiences. If you have great (and not so great!) stories you would like to share with SatisFIND, you may email them at mystory@satisfind.com